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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Stowe World Cup News for 3/14/2006

After two consecutive weeks of non-traditional races (super-g and slalom), this week saw the return to the standard giant slalom. The twist, so to speak, this week was the “pro-bump.” Left in place after the Stowe Duals on Sunday, this obstacle presented a challenge that was the talk of the Cup. Coupled with soft snow and a tight course set, the bump removed a fair number of competitors from the running, often with some spectacular crash action.

PJ Dewey from Race Stock Sports claimed his first-ever Stowe World Cup win, knifing his mini-skis down the pitch to collect a big victory. This triumph probably helped PJ erase any disappointment that was lingering from his oh-so-close race last week (see for more info). Second place went to Graham Lonetto of Edgewise who might have made a real run at the top spot had he not hot-dogged off of the bump in an effort to show everyone how good he makes ski bases look. Third place went to Teo “Super-Tay” Calcagni. As this reporter slaves over the keyboard Teo is no doubt strutting around, chest puffed out, at the after-race party.

The award for best tactics over the pro-bump definitely goes to Grafton Smith. After revealing, in a pre-race interview, that he had worked some “black magic” wax into his race skis, Grafton was having a blistering run. However, it would appear to this reporter that Grafton might have either: a) also worked the same “black magic” on the back of his coat, or b) made his skis just too fast. As he aired out over the bump on his back, there was no shortage of oohs and aahs from the crowd. For his performance and anguish Grafton earns nothing, besides a chance to come back next week and do it all over again.

Now, on a small side note, the Stowe World Cup News team is proud to present the first exclusive Stowe World Cup athlete profile. This week, we were able to sit down with Teo “Super-Tay” Calcagni and learn about what really makes him the ferocious competitor that he is. Having been known to utter statements like “I’m going wax in the morning after I’ve had a chance to test hill conditions” and “I’m one of the best skiers in the world… in my weight class,” Teo embodies almost everything that this reporter holds to be true about the Stowe World Cup. In fact, it would not be a stretch at all to say that Teo just might be a hero to many aspiring Stowe World Cup racers. When asked what drove him to train endlessly for the weekly snow circus, Teo simply responded: “The money… and the women, but mainly the money.”

Other notables this week included the tie between warring ski bum race reporters Kim “Suit” Brown and Todd Carroll. Suit just got back from a reporting “job” at NCAA’s in Steamboat, Colorado. There is no doubt that the insight he gained while watching the best collegiate skiers in the country compete helped him maintain his newfound standing in the top seed of the Stowe World Cup.

So, that is your Stowe World Cup news for the week of March 14th. Until next week, ski fast, take chances. Todd Carroll, Stowe World Cup News, reporting from Spruce Base Lodge.


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